Smoky Mirror – Magnanimity CD Release, Mex Pub, Courtenay

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Danni Lee


Chancy D & Tobes

“When you get out of your way to help others and be generous then you will truly see the magic of life and the abundance come back in return.

When you make music not to boost your own ego but instead to spread the msg of unity and spiritual understanding, then it will be felt at the heart and the memory will last forever.

When you let your friends shine and experience the same high as you then the vibe multiplies and everyone has a way better time.

Love grows and expands without limit. You put it in your words, your songs and your social interactions and soon the whole event is raised up!

This is the law of the universe and quantum physics can now actually measure the frequency of love energy.. It is highest on the spectrum and there is no end to it. You can give and give all your life and still have more once you pass.

Last night I was truly blessed to experience this magic of our creator and our OFP event was beyond what words can capture. The smiles, the hand shakes, the hugs and the dancing, the friendships, the support and appreciation was amazing!

Spirit works through me and set things up like this on purpose so everyone feels welcome and accepted no matter the style, skin colour, age or anything else; all are equals and there is zero tolerance for any drama.

So thank you so much to all the performers who did so well and helped to make it the dopest night if my life. Donovan Dizzy Price, BThree Theskinnedcat, Dannina Lee Orr-Baldwin, Josh Klassen, Tobes James, Chance Davies, David Gilroy & Brad Rachuk much love

Big thanks to Ron Pogue for the amazing shots once again And shouts outs to all my friends who came to support”

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