Ancient Principals – Expansion is here!

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About the album

Hey friends,

We are stoked to announce the release of a long awaited project put together by the original AP crew from the Comox Valley as well as members from OFP and all over the globe. This is a truly amazing album and we are really excited to share it with everyone.

Ancient Principals was a dream first put together by B3, Frantic Peace, Beyond and Smoky. They came up with a plan to start a Hip-Hop movement back in 2009 and then it came together quite magically. Thanks to the Avalanche bar and grill who hosted us for around 12 events (One every month) and then the Mex near the end as we changed location.

Now close to 8 years later we brought as many of the members back as possible for one final album which will showcase our development as artists.

The album covers many different topics including: The environment, spirituality, music, ufo’s, unsolved mysteries, positive change, memories with friends, chillin at the club, romance and much more!


released April 07, 2017

Big thanks to Andrey Paschenko for mixing and mastering the whole project except for track 3 which was mixed by 1Del


Happy 4/20 Day from Skewz and his crew: SoundzWeird, Victoria

New tracks up by Tobes! Vancity

Butter Finger Bombsquad has a show April 21st!

Bombsquad in the studio! Comox Valley

Eric the Rad aka Uncle Depressant!! #sunday #recording #butterfingerbombsquad

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Pre-Order Klame: And… B-Sides Now!

New artwork by Klame

Ink on graph paper $10

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DJ B-Chuk got some new gear!

Welcome home 😍 #pioneerdj #ddjrzx #newsetup #bonerachieved #edm #bassmusic #clublife #ilovestuff

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The Legend Continues – Journey through sound with OFP

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