OFP stands for quality in music and substance in lyrics. We set a high expectation for ourselves in order to stand out among the masses. Working as a collaboration of friends and artists our goal is to make a positive impact in Hip-Hop. By supporting each other, sharing ideas and staying motivated we are moving towards become a succesful label. Within the label there are many skilled artists and producers, some younger and others in the field for over 10 years. Together they are helping Smoky with online promotion, marketing and other creative ideas to get the word out and reach more fans world wide. Musically each member is working on developing there own solo talents as well as collaborting on as many projects as possible. Our goal is to put out dope new albums for each artist on the label, as well as projects with all of us together as a crew. Smoky explains that everything we plan to achieve has already been done by someone else in our shoes, so we have plenty of tips and advice to help us along our path. Labels such as Rhymesayers, Def Jux, Battleaxe, Camobear and Living Legends are a few to look up to, and learn from. Most important is GOOD MUSIC! of course and the rest is sure to follow naturally. Cheers friends and hope to see you all on the road soon. One!

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