RINO & Tobes

Hey guys, my name is Toby aka ToBeS. I was born on August 5th 1988. Grew up in Vancouver B.C. and spent all my summers on Hornby Island so you could say I’m pretty much a local. On March 19th 2008 I had a bad construction accident falling 5 stories off scaffolding. I broke every bone in my face, my left femur, lost a bunch of teeth, and had a trachiotomy. As I was recovering from this accident Music kept me going. Since I had so much free time on my hands I started making beats and rapping about my life experiences. Back in high school my friend introduced me to this program called “Reason,” so I decided to start using that to my advantage after the accident. I soon linked up with Silas Crowe & Mister Luke O’Hearn and started writing and recording with them. Big ups and many thanks to both of them for helping me out so much with my music and the collabs we did were really fun to work on! During my time of recovery I also became good friends with Lil Biggins@Joss Biggins We also started making tracks together and I am featured on his CD. Then later on I became friends with Jake-Smoky Mirror-Guy and we started working on tracks!I am stoked on Ocean Fresh and I hope all the best specially to the rest on the WEST!!! – ToBeS

RINO, Chancy D, Tobes

Chancy D & Tobes

Smoky, Chancy D & Tobes


Tobes & Rino

SM & Tobes

Tracks with OFP

Produced by Tobes

Smoky Mirror – Ocean in the Looking Glass

Smoky Mirror – Appreciation

Smoky Mirror – Selfless

Smoky Mirror – Tight Clothes

OFP – Bless the West


OFP – Summer Hits

Angles Ft. B3 & Smoky Mirror

Higher Sea Ft. Zuma

Prosperous Plans Ft. Incentive, Joss Biggins & Smoky Mirror

Feeling Fresh Ft. Incentive & Smoky Mirror

OFP – Universal

Permanent Grin Ft. Incentive & Smoky

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