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  • Nigel Christopher P (Skewz)


Whatsup OceanFreshPeople, first off.. respect! Glad to see everyone sharing a good vibe…My names Skewz, I produce and perform with The Pist Off Peasants. We created this name and group in 2003 and mainly freed and kicked verses into a tape deck makeing mixes for our friends. Since then Ive made a few more studio mixes with help from JusDilL (brother and fellow producer). but have recently been less active in the shows and “hip” party scene ..I myself have been working on a lot of solo stuff and beats.. …beats beats and beats and beats.. Reasons Where its at.. if you ever have a question or any cool tips holler.. thats my ish!! Also Jake-Smoky Mirror-Guy a awsome dude so F*CKS WIT EM :D thats a little about me…One!



  • Dirtybird Broughton


Dirtybird Broughton thanks. well, Jake-Smoky Mirror-Guy asked me to say a little bit about myself… well, i’m from a small town south of the bay area, california. i’ve lived in humboldt county (very top of CA) since 2000, though. I’ll be turning 30 in a few weeks, so I grew up on predominantly 90s bay area hip hop (legends, hiero, bored stiff, too short, and even jkc, and hmb hip hop). i’ve been making beats since 2007 (all MPC), but i’ve been playing drums and guitar since about ’93. that’s about it, i think. i’ve released a few albums (vinyl, cd, and digital) and they can be found on my bandcamp.: and


Emcee Four

  • Christopher Slater (Emcee Four)


My names Chris Slater, or Four. I have been rapping since 2010. I started in the Comox Valley and have done a couple shows there. During the time I’ve gone into some hard times more then most people at my age. Such as having loss and getting in car accident. I try to keep it real but have lots of fun with rap, my first collab was with Smoky. I then met up with youngcap and we’ve done some tracks. Hanging out with friends and rapping was daily and I’ve done a few battles. I now live in Vancouver which is recent, looking for a way to get into music. And OceanFresh seems to be in the right direction! Peace n’love where u are.


Lil Biggins

  • Joss Biggins (Lil Biggins)


How’s It going, Im Lil Biggins I grew up on Hornby Island for the first 14 years of my life, which is where I first got attracted to music. Silas Crowe brought me into his studio after he heard i wrote poetry as a outlet and wanted me to try and record it. cant remember being that scared as i first stepped up to the mic. the poetry in my music has stayed strong to this day. later that year and early next (end 2008 start of 2009)(age 12) I begun to write/record/produce my first LP “Lyrically I…” with Silas and Mister Luke O’hearn and ToBeS. which would be finished and released in 2010 (age 13). I then got distracted by money,girls, life, sports, school. over the next year, (age 14) in 2011 I was approached by DJ A.I to make a LP with 100% his production behind it and “signed” or “connected” me to his collective Concrete Schoolyard Productions which i am still heavily involved with. I began to create this album with help of with mister luke o hearn who later dropped out of the project. now at age 15 living in Courtenay for Basketball BC training as well as heavy academic load I am now looking too release a promo mixtape “A Flop” followed by my album “Growing Pains” in early september. and looking forward to the future with ocean fresh.



  • Tobes James Mukai (Tobes)


Hey guys, my name is Toby aka ToBeS. I was born on August 5th 1988. Grew up in Vancouver B.C. and spent all my summers on Hornby Island so you could say I’m pretty much a local. On March 19th 2008 I had a bad construction accident falling 5 stories off scaffolding. I broke every bone in my face, my left femur, lost a bunch of teeth, and had a trachiotomy. As I was recovering from this accident Music kept me going. Since I had so much free time on my hands I started making beats and rapping about my life experiences. Back in high school my friend introduced me to this program called “Reason,” so I decided to start using that to my advantage after the accident. I soon linked up with Silas Crowe & Mister Luke O’Hearn and started writing and recording with them. Big ups and many thanks to both of them for helping me out so much with my music and the collabs we did were really fun to work on! During my time of recovery I also became good friends with Lil Biggins@Joss Biggins We also started making tracks together and I am featured on his CD. Then later on I became friends with Jake-Smoky Mirror-Guy and we started working on tracks!I am stoked on Ocean Fresh and I hope all the best specially to the rest on the WEST!!! – ToBeS


Smoky Mirror

  • Smoky Mirror


I’m Smoky, I been rapping for 7 years, started back in 2004 with my friend Darcy, we had a crew called the Symbiotics for several years. Many years of drinken brews and freestyling all night long lol. We would have parties and just leave the mic on all night and peeps would come rap and sing along.. good times in the valley. I started getting serious around my 2nd CD “Everything A Soundwave” 2009, and Wanted to start really bringing a positive message in a world full of judgement and lies. I found the spirit along my path and now it is my main source of creativity and flow. I grew up on Denman Island, then moved to the Valley most my life, now living in Vic. My music means a lot to me, and so does the HipHop culture itself. When ever theres a show in town im usually the dude in the front row cheering the most! Also realized that to succeed you need to work with others, The music bizz is all about Networking and making connections, so this is why i started this group. One!


Benny the Jet

  • BennytheJett Bennett


Hi hi. I’ve been into djing for the last decade and apparently been doing not to shabby at it to. Since it kinda bores me I have started making beats and what not.

Vinylsaurus Decks consists of two main integral parts: Dirtstyle Trainee and
Benny the Jett. Formed in early 2009, VSD found its birthplace in Victoria, British
Columbia where in the last few years underground hip hop has been flourishing.
Vinylsaurus roots run deep- Benny and Trainee met in Terrace the winter of 2005
when yet another scene had begun to flourish on a smaller scale. Embodying numerous
elements of hip hop culture, vinylsaurus decks is primarily focused on turntablism,
emceeing and rocking the party. We play music you’ve never heard before and music
you’ve heard before in ways you’ve never heard before. Expect no particular sound
or style, we incorpate all music into our repetoire by sampling and revering wax
over mp3.




  • Fenris

– Bass Camp –!bass-camp/c1hlr



Live-In Fantasy

  • Live-In Fantasy







  • Beyond


Foo Die

  •  FOODie
Classic Horror movies, pop culture references, a love of all things weird, and of course food. These elements lie at the molecular center of Bay Area MC, FOODie. On Bohemian Style, FOODie brings his special brand of weird over, London hip hop producer Lewis Parker’s, dark passenger of a beat.  It evokes that 90’s hip hop quality that truly resonates with this listener. FOODie’s bizzaro rapping flows nicely over this beat.  His verse makes way for Jim Morrison to explain,  to some square journalist, how performing with a headful of acid while showing your “pants microphone” to a  crowd of people somehow is a juxtapose of his vanilla views on artistic liberties and freedoms.  It’s important to make mention of the fact that FOODie also is a writer for the post apocalyptic western comic The Mustache Ride. This is important because you can hear this comic book imagery,  along with every movie, every tv show, and every pop culture reference he can throw at you in 16 bars – See more at: